About company

Karmeks is a leading manufacturer of food for aquarium fishes, fish-farms and also fishing baits. 

The company was founded in 1992, concentrating on selling living and dry food for aquarium fishes only. After some time, founder of the company had decided to start production of deep frozen fodders - what was a pioneering, innovative idea those times. Soon, the first production line of such kind of products came into being. Thanks continuous care about the quality and systematically growing range of the products - Karmeks©  became a trusted trademark commonly recognizable in Poland and other countries, with many customers of different size. Today it's logo is well known to all bigger suppliers in zoological branch. It is also a modern, innovative company with fast growing production potential.

Karmeks offers:

  • Deep frozen food (blisters),
  • Deep frozen food 500 g (panels),
  • Dried food,
  • Fishing baits,
  • living food.


We highly welcome all zoological wholesalers and shops for cooperation!

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